Who Are E & J?

Design Lover

His training started with finger paints and legos as a kid, continued with every art class available in junior college and culminated with a B.S. art/design degree. He earned a bachelor of science degree in product design from SJSU's college of Art and Design. Coursework emphasized universal design principles, user experience, problem solving and innovation. Soon he was contributing to the design industry as a product designer and enjoyed solving problems with inventive solutions.

Currently his time is spent in the design of physical space, as an architectural designer/drafter. Along the way his freelance business has grown steadily. He has been assisting small businesses with their design projects since the late 90s. He enjoys the variety of design challenges clients bring from a unique graphic identity, a stunning photo, detailed animation, innovative product, powerful website. He enjoys expanding his technical knowledge of the web development, while expressing his creative blood in an ever-refined design process.

Coder at Heart

Since his first computer class in high school, Eric has been driven to find solutions to the issues no one else wants to tackle. His background is that of a B.S. in Computer Science (emphasis M.I.S.). Upon graduation, he quickly started in the Web Development industry by working as an intern for the City of Santa Clarita, then becoming the entire web department for a company in Simi Valley until he moved up to the heart of all things web (or so it would seem), the Silicon Valley.

Upon arrival, he quickly found a job working for a consulting firm where his skills and abilities were honed through the intensity of handling many clients and projects. Eric now works as the Lead Front-End Developer for a stationery and cards company, helping to manage the "look and feel" of the public-facing website.